Reflexology is a therapy where gentle massage of the feet is applied to reflex points which correspond with the various parts of your body.

Through the massage, areas of the body which are out of balance can be identified and using the techniques of the treatment they can also be brought into a more harmonious state.

The feet and hands divide into sections that mirror the different body organs. Massaging these areas can stimulate and strengthen the associated internal organs and promote the healing process.

Reflexology can be especially effective in relieving TENSION AND STRESS and a variety of disorders from HEADACHES, MIGRAINES, HAYFEVER, INSOMNIA, ARTHRITIS, MS, ME, DIGESTIVE DISORDERS, HORMONAL IMBALANCE, PMT, PAIN and many more.

The procedure brings relaxation and ease to the whole body and assists in restoring and maintaining a healthy balance of body and mind.

A Reflexology treatment lasts approximately 1 hour.


How many treatments do I need
It is advisable to have a course of 6 weekly treatments of Reflexology in order to get the full benefit to improve your health. This very much depends on your complaint. Some people have treatments on a monthly basis, others whenever they feel unbalanced or just want to relax. So it is entirely up to you.