Evelyne Bibi  Embody, DHM, FBIH



I was born in the German region of Switzerland, where I lived until I moved to England nearly 40 years ago. 

When did I first become involved in healing?
There have been natural healers in my family for many generations, therefore it was no surprise to my family that I displayed the abilities of natural healing at a very early age, as a teenager in Switzerland it was wonderful to grow up knowing I could help others in this way.

I obtained my first qualification in natural healing at the age of 16 and have continued to study & learn about the many facets of complementary therapy to this very day.

I studied the art of Foot and Hand Reflexology with The Baily School of Reflexology (Nicola Hall) in 1996 and Homeopathy with The British Institute of Homeopathy where I achieved an 87% pass mark and was awarded a medal to become a Fellow of the British Institute of Homeopathy in 1995.

To understand complementary therapy it is sometimes necessary to understand the way in which it works (more information on this can be found on this website). 

We have energy points throughout our body, which are sometimes called Chakras. Due to circumstances such as a shock to the system (e.g. accident) or relationship break ups, grieve, stress etc. they may become blocked and the Chi (Energy) can not flow freely throughout our body causing disease.
Part of my aim as a complementary therapist is to unblock these chakras.
Nothing compares to the inner warmth and pleasure  I get from helping others, and the shock and sometimes amazement they display when the full benefits of complementary medicine are felt.


No practitioner can guarantee a 100% success rate but to many of my patients (and many many recipients of complementary therapy throughout the world) these treatments have been life changing.

When I perform a (hands on) healing session I can feel an energy channeling through my body to help my patients - to many this may seem very strange and almost unbelievable, this is understandable unless you have experienced that feeling yourself - many of my patients/clients have and felt the benefit.